To guarantee to the public that schools that have been accredited can provide educational services according to the standards set, the Faculty of Economics & Businesses carry out Field Assessment Activities through LAMEMBA, which is located at the 5th Floor Lab Building, Thursday (15/09). Also present were the Chancellor of UNSOED, the Dean of FEB along with the Vice Deans, the LAMEMBA Assessor Team (Prof. Dr. Made Sudarma, SE, MM, Ak, CPA, and Prof. I Wayan Suartana, SE, M.Si, Ak, CA), Heads of Departments and Coordinator Program Study Accounting.

Dean of the Faculty of Economics and Business UNSOED Prof. Wiwiek Rabiatul Adawiyah, M.Sc., Ph.D welcomes the LAMEMBA Field Assessment Team in Purwokerto, especially at FEB Unsoed. And expressed the hope that the Assessment activities will run smoothly and can provide input to our institution to improve existing gaps to develop even better.

Prof.Dr.Ir. Akhmad Sodiq, M.Sc.Agr Unsoed Chancellor who in his welcome said that Unsoed has 84 Study Programs whose conditions are not the same as FEB Unsoed, related to this seen through various New Student Admission Paths, FEB Unsoed has the most significant number of applicants after the Faculty of Medicine Unsoed this is a necessary condition for quality assurance. In the transformation, quality assurance is also based on aspects of education such as improving the quality of education, then linkages with MBKM, improving the quality of lecturers/educators, and connections with the curriculum.

LAMEMBA in the process is almost the same as BAN-PT. On the adequacy assessment; related to the Vision & Mission, governance, effectiveness, and cooperation are reflected equally on the affected Output/Outcomes. Furthermore, in the initial session, the Assessor Team carried out a Field Assessment related to the Head of the Study Program Management Unit on confirmation of policies, the Civil Service Administration System, and the Achievement of the developer’s plan. In addition, the Assessor team checked the relevant supporting documents. The Assessor Team in this Field Assessment involves the Chair/Coordinator of the Study Program, the Head of the Study Program Management Unit, the Head of the Lab, Lecturers, and Students.