Accounting Audit Clump Lecturer Forum from FEB UNSOED held a Public Lecture on auditing at the 6th floor Integrated Lab with the theme “Opportunities and Challenges in the Post-Pandemic Digital Economy Era” on Monday (15/08). This event is inviting Erikson Wijaya S.Akt, M.B.T who is the Assistant tax and business analyst and Moh. Eka Gonda Sukmana, SE, MSi, CRISC, as the OJK Digital Financial Innovation Group director. The event started at 13.00 WIB and was opened with the recommendation of Prof. Dr. Eko Suyono, M.Si, Ak, CA.

This event was hosted by Karina Odia Julialevi, SE, M.Si, Ak., CA, ACPA with Aulia Fernanda Putri and Ratu Ayu Sri Wulandari MA, SE ., M.Sc as a moderator who enlivened the public lecture with speakers. Mr. Moh. Eka Gonda started the public course by discussing the role of OJK in developing financial technology, and he advised us to be careful with illegal online loans. Furthermore, a public lecture was delivered by Mr. Erikson discussing crypto assets because currently, there is a lot of discussion about crypto. Several questions were asked from the 276 participants who attended. Most of material that was discussed were about the background of crypto assets into taxable goods and the concept of crypto assets with the development direction.