Faculty of Economics & Business Unsoed held the 79th Graduation Ceremony for Masters Program Students, 147th Undergraduate Programs, and 126th D3 Programs, Yudisium in November during the December 2022 Graduation Period, Tuesday (29/11). Also present were the Dean of FEB Unsoed, Deputy Academic Dean, Heads of departments, Heads of Study Programs within FEB UNSOED, and Alumni.

Prof. Wiwiek Rabiatul Adawiyah, M.Sc., Ph.D. In her speech, the Dean of the Faculty of Economics and Business UNSOED said that “taking the this procession means that students are officially declared graduates and hold academic degrees.”

On this occasion, the Dean also congratulated the achievements of the Prospective Graduates. She apologized if, while studying at FEB Unsoed, several things in the service (academic & non-academic processes) were less pleasing/unpleasant, whether intentional or not who profusely for her trust as a place to gain knowledge, “said Prof. Wiwiek.”

Who were declared passed the 79th Masters Program, 147th Bachelors Program and 126th D3 Program namely;

NoStudy programTotal
1Master of Management3 Students
2Master of Accounting 1 Students
3Master of Economics 2 Students
3Economics Development13 Students
4Management31 Students
5Accountancy31 Students
6Economic Education12 Students
7International Business1 Students
8D3 Business Adm2 Students
9D3 Office Adm2 Students
10D3 Accounting1 Students

Then the event continued with the Procession of Submitting a Pass Certificate (SKL) by the Dean of FEB Unsoed accompanied by the Deputy Dean for Academic Affairs, Head of Department, Secretary of the Department, and Head of Study Program (each study program representing) and a joint photo session per study program.