In order to transform the Office Administration Study Program (D3) into the D4 Digital Office Management program, the Faculty of Economics and Business held a Focus Group Discussion (FGD) on D4 Digital Office Management on Thursday, March 9th, on the 5th floor of the Lab Building. Rahmat Yuliawan, S.E., M.M., the presenting vocational lecturer at Airlangga University (UNAIR), also participated in this FGD.

Discussion in Small Groups Dean and Deputy Dean for General and Financial Affairs, Heads of Department, Secretaries of Department, Heads of Study Programs, and Educators (Lecturers) also attended D4; Stakeholder, Alumni, and D3 Office Administration Students were also present. In his remarks, the Deputy Dean for General and Financial Affairs, Dr. Ratno Purnomo, S.E., M.Si., stated, “Due to the existence of a demand from the industrial world as well as the rapid changes in the industrial environment, the Faculty adopted a swift policy on D3 (the diploma) to be upgraded, particularly in the field of digitalization, economic changes, and the demands of the world of work, which require upgrading. This D4 focus group discussion is anticipated to go smoothly and yield beneficial results,” he concluded.

In his presentation, Rahmat Yuliawan, S.E., and M.M. outlined the differences between D4 and S1 in terms of the development of knowledge. In S1, the majority of the coursework is theoretical, whereas in D4, 40% of the coursework is theoretical and 60% of it is practical. While the difference between D3 and D4 in the industrial world is that D4 has been taught critical thinking so that it does not impede administration, making it more efficient and superior. The event then continued with a focus group discussion involving educators, invited guests, alumni, and other relevant stakeholders.